Snow Hill HD released

Snow Hill HD released!

Adventure game for the iPad

Snow Hill HD released

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Today ‘Snow Hill HD’ was released and is available in the AppStore!

Chloe often had dreams of a little blonde headed girl laughing and twirling. A woman’s gentle voice humming a tune.

A certain smell or breeze that brushed her face often brought a flash of a memory that she just couldn’t quite grasp.

A recurring dream startled awake from a loud bang, drenched in her own sweat, her heart beating out of her chest,
a scream that just couldn’t leave her throat.

Clutching an envelope she found in her mothers belongings after her passing…

Chloe knew in her heart Snow Hill held the answers to her past.

Can you help Chloe solve the mystery of Snow Hill?

- Classic point and click adventure
- Dynamic map with visited locations and current location
- Complete hint guide to help you if you get stuck
- Gorgeous graphics
- Lots of items to collect and mini games to solve
- Autosave function build into the game

Available for iPad.

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